Sevilla is the city that saw him born 32 years ago, and since he was little, music was his passion.

He started singing in the church choir and the Scouts, but it was when he was 16 when he decided that music was more than a hobbie for him. It was then when he started taking drama lessons at high school and dreaming about being in show business for a living. Luckily, shortly after his studies he started his first jobs and his excitement increased day after day.

In 2002 his first big opportunity came with his friend Junior Miguez, to be a supporter voice- collaborator in his album and tour “Príncipe de los Gatos”. This brought him great experiences, like performing abroad as a support act for Alejandro Sanz, a renouned Spanish artist.

A few years later, in 2005, he moved to Madrid, where he met the rest of the members of D´nash. None of those 4 guys could've imagined how much D´nash will change their lives. They sold more than 50.000 copies of his 3 albums “Capaz de todo” “Todo va a cambiar” and “Garabatos”. Their biggest achievement was being contestants in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2007, with the song “I love you mi vida”.

In 2010 Javi Soleil continued his music career with D´nash, and at the same time he played the main character in the musical “Forever King of Pop”, a tribute to his favourite artist, Michael Jackson. After his tour in México and Miami promoting their third album with D´Nash, the band decided to take a break.

Only one year later, Javi started his solo career, revealing a more personal side as an artist. A road that, according to Javi Soleil's words, represents “a new and more mature stage of his career as a singer". The project started with the help and experience of the music producer Noel Pastor, nominated for a Latin Grammy, and with the support of his record company Universal Music. “Ya no te puedo olvidar” is the result of a careful mix between Pop and Soul, for a strong and fresh sound. The single was released on digital platforms with the video première on Vevo, last 22nd October.

Without even having the chance of forgetting about his first solo single, in May 2014 Javi Soleil surprised with a second single, EGO, (included in the compilations "Supervivientes" and "Disco Estrella"), a song full of positivity and energy. This second single was produced again by Noel Pastor, and was one of the greatest summer hits.

The 14th of April 2015 he released "Mi Sueño Roto", a very personal ballad that climbed in less than 24 hours to the top5 on iTunes, and in the Pop songs genre, it made second place.

With more than 10 years of professional career, Javi Soleil's distinctive feature reflects the experience of an artist who enriched his music with different styles. A successful career, in which we highlight his experiences as a collaborator with Junior Míguez, being a member of tha band D’Nash, and his lead role in the musical Forever King of Pop.

Javi Soleil is currently facing a big challenge in his solo career. But his songs reflect the excitement, passion, experience and his own personal vision and style as an artist.